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Mentawai is located in the West Sumatra region and can be accessed from Padang City. The Mentawai Islands are a paradise for surfing enthusiasts. Therefore, Mentawai is more often visited by foreign tourists than domestic ones.

In Mentawai, there are two large islands named Sipora and Siberut. This time, Potret Indonesia will invite friends to visit Siberut to get to know the daily life of the indigenous Mentawai people more closely.

Not only that, but you will also capture the activities of Sikerei. Starting from making poison for arrows, crafting loincloths from wood bark, to creating tattoos. Sikerei is the term for a shaman in the Mentawai Islands who is believed to possess supernatural powers. Sikerei is recognized through a special ceremony called taddek.

Throughout the trip, you will be mentored by @ranarpradiptoindonesia_ to capture the exoticism of the native Mentawai tribe's life.

What are you waiting for? Let's quickly book your trip so you don't run out of seats!


Not Include

Photography Equipment

Travel Essential

  • Camera

  • Lensa Wide

  • Lensa Kit (24 - 70 / 18 - 105)

  • Lensa Tele (70 - 200)

  • Tripod

  • Shutter Release

  • Jacket / Wraps 

  • Mountain Sandals / Shoes

  • Long sleeved T-Shirt

  • Personal Medicine

  • Neck Pillow
  • Electrical Socket
  • 3D2N Accommodation/hotel

  • Mineral water during the trip

  • Transportation

  • Concept fees at hunting locations

  • Food 3X a day

  • Photo mentoring during the trip

  • Travel costs to and from destination city (Plane - Train)

  • Hotel room/lodging costs if staying in your own room

  • Station/airport pick up fee if arriving late


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  • Whatsapp
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